The Iridium handset restarts whilst docked.

Sometimes an Iridium handset may become temporarily unresponsive to the docking station.

When this happens the docking station will attempt to restart the Iridium handset to re-establish communication and correct the operation.

Customers who have assigned a sim pin will need to re-enter the simpin via the Iridium handset before Iridium registration can continue.

A firmware update may also fix this issue. Contact Beam customer support to find out the most recent firmware for the docking station and the Iridium handset.

At times, with continued use and exposure to dusty or dirty environment, electrical connection between the dock and the handset may be compromised. Disconnect power from the dock and remove battery from the handset. With a clean piece of cotton cloth and isopropyl alcohol, clean the bottom connectors. Let the surface dry before retesting.

When the handset is on PTT Mode, the dock should be at least at version 1.4 or later.