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Iridium Beam Aero Patch Antenna TSO Approved (RST719)

The Beam RST719 TSO Aero Approved Iridium patch antenna, is designed for aero applications with C-144 TSO Approval.


Iridium Beam Aero Patch Antenna TSO Approved Features

The antenna is supplied complete with bulkhead mount that enables it to be securely mounted without the connectors being exposed to the environment and fitted with a TNC connector. The RST719 is designed to be low profile and aero dynamic.

Key Features

• Iridium approved
• Designed for harsh environments
• Small and lightweight
• Aluminium alloy casting
• TSO approved C - 144
• Manufactured in the USA
• 12 month repair or replacement warranty

Iridium Beam Aero Patch Antenna TSO Approved Specifications


Polarization Right Hand Circular
Axial Ratio 3db Max
Impedance 50 OHMS
VSWR < 2.0 : 1
Altitude 21,336m/70,000ft
TSO Approved C -144


Iridium 1595 ± 30MHz (-1.5dB band width)


Temperature Degrees °C Degrees °F
Operating Temp -55°C to +85°C -67°C to 185°C


Colour White
Finish Polyurethane
Material A380 Aluminum Alloy – casting. Ultem 2200 Radome
Dimensions mm inches
Antenna 20.83H x 88.9 Dia 0.82H x 3.50 Dia
Weight kg lbs
Antenna 0.22 0.5


Iridium TNC Female