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Iridium Beam Active Antenna (RST740)

The Active / Powered Iridium antenna RST740 is designed for Land and Maritime applications specifically for use where long cable runs are required to reach between the required antenna location and the terminal.

Iridium Beam Active Antenna Features

Where an installation exceeds 20m / 60’ it becomes more cost effective to use an Active/Powered Iridium antenna that allows much thinner and cheaper cable to run up to 100m / 300’ where this would never be possible with a passive Iridium antenna. The Active Antenna RST740 will work on all Beam products and any Iridium devices, however requires an approved Beam Active Antenna cable for use in order to manage the power amplification across the RF line to the antenna.

Key Benefits and Features

• Iridium approved
• High quality enclosure
• Active antenna
• Pole/Mast mounting
• White small size/footprint
• Omni directional
• Supports long cable runs
• Power breakout box included (required 9-32 VDC)
• 12 month repair or replacement warranty

Iridium Beam Active Antenna Specifications


Impedance 50 Ohms
DC Peak Power Draw 30W
DC RMS Power Draw 3.2W
DC RMS Standby Power Draw 0.32W
Active Antenna Cable Loss 11.5 - 13.5dB (total end to end loss including the Amp Lead)
Amp Lead*

* Amp Lead is not part of the RST740 Antenna kit. The Amp Lead cable is bundled with the Beam - Iridium active cable kit.
<0.5dB at 1.5m (TNC-M to N-M)

Bias Box

Input Voltage 9 - 36 VDC
RF Input 0.5 dB Max
Current Req 4 Amps Min
Output Voltage 30 - 32 VDC
Rec. Power Supply ISD951 + Adapter Cable (CBLASY015501)


Iridium 1616.0 - 1626.5 MHz


Extreme rain exposure 37 mm/10 min; 145 mm/24 h
Extreme snow exposure 3,0kN/m2
Wind 35 m/s
Temperature Degrees °C Degrees °F
Storage -40°C to +80°C -40°F to +176°F
Operational -25°C to +55°C -13°F to +131°F


Ingress Protection IPX7 Waterproof and can be submerged in water of 1-meter depth for 30-minutes
Dimensions mm inches
Antenna 208.53H x 142.49Dia 8.21H x 5.61Dia
Box 260 W x 210 D x 170 H 10.24 W x 8.27 D x 6.69 H
Weight kg lbs
Antenna 0.51 1.125
Box 2.22 4.89


Iridium TNC Female