Adventurers in the Caribbean

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Beam’s Oceana 800 is used by adventurers Bob and Elaine Ebaugh on their two year long cruise in the Caribbean. They find the phone to be trouble free, reliable and offers additional tracking capabilities compared to other phones. They also found the installation really easy, the system only have 2 components, the handset and the active antenna. Connect the antenna to the handset with a pair of pre-made coaxial cables, then connect the handset to either 12 VDC or 110 AC, with the supplied transformer and you are up and running.

Quality Calls
With numerous calls back home the Oceana 800 only dropped out one call for the entire time. “Voice quality was very good, but you do have to allow for the conversational delay due to the distance to the satellite. Text, email and weather reports work quite nicely”, Bob Ebaugh said.

Additional tracking
The Oceana 800 has an integrated GPS engine providing intelligent tracking and instant message reporting via SMS which offers additional tracking capabilities.  The Oceana 800 phone will update your position several different ways:

1) When you press the “tracking” button on the phone
2) Automatically based on a user defined reporting period
3) When someone logged on to the tracking website asks for an update Oceana 800

Oceana 800
Oceana 800 is an all-in-one IP54 maritime communications terminal specifically designed to be utilized in a wide variety of marine applications throughout the world. The terminal has an integrated Bluetooth for voice communications, intuitive color LCD display that provides easy and convenient access to send and receive or to retrieve phone numbers stored in the terminal. The Oceana 800 operates with the Inmarsat's “FleetPhone” service and is supplied with a dedicated active marine grade antenna system to provide a complete integrated solution that is ready for use anytime.

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