Announcement: Latest Direct Internet Release from Iridium

Affected Users: Beam-Iridium Direct Internet Users (Compatible with Windows PC OS XP, 7, and 8.1)

From November 1, 2016, the existing Direct Internet version (Slipstream) will no longer work. Beam-Iridium Direct Internet users need to uninstall the existing version and download and install the new Direct Internet version (Steelhead).

The new Steelhead solution replaces the existing Slipstream solution that has gone end-of-life and will cease to be supported at the end of October 2016. Steelhead’s new features greatly improves the acceleration performance of Direct Internet.

  • Time for data transfers is compressed even further, especially for larger files.
  • Binary data can now be transmitted – this was not possible with Slipstream.
  • Browsing is made faster, depending on the site (how much compression is possible).

The Steelhead solution is already in place and ready to be used.

Download files here:

Direct Internet Install Guide v1.0.pdf

Direct Internet for

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