Latest Firmware Release for Eagle 2.0

The latest firmware has been released for Beam Iridium DriveDOCK Extreme Docking Station and has now been made available for download on our website.

The release includes the following:

  • Support for Push-To-Talk for the DriveDOCK Extreme

Supported Firmware:

  • Firmware V1.4 - DriveDOCK Extreme
  • Firmware V1.2 - PotsDOCK Extreme

Eagle Version: 2.0

  • Released: 29th July, 2015
  • Supports: DriveDOCK Extreme, PotsDOCK Extreme
  • O/S Supported: Windows 2000, XP(SP3), Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
  • Installation package includes Falcon software application, USB drivers and firmware

 Download Eagle 2.0


The Eagle allows users to configure a range of software options contained within the DriveDOCK Extreme and PotsDOCK Extreme hardware.

  • View the status of the unit
  • Configure tracking settings
  • Configure POTS settings
  • Configure general settings
  • Store/Edit/Retrieve docking station settings
  • Resetting docking station to the factory defaults
  • Modifying supervisor PIN of the unit
  • Beam Dock Firmware Upgrade

Revision History:

Version 1.3

  • Improvement - Time module updated to handle new Iridium EPOCH
  • Improvement - USB driver support for Windows 8

Version 1.2

  • Enhancement - Supports both DriveDOCK and PotsDOCK Extreme
  • Enhancement - Includes latest firmware
  • Enhancement - DriveDOCK Extreme firmware version 1.2.7594
  • Enhancement - PotsDOCK Extreme firmware version 1.1.7594
  • Improvement - Improved tracking module
  • Improvement - Improved call handling

Version 1.0

  • Initial release of Eagle
  • Firmware included - Version 1.0.6629

Installation Notes:
Falcon requires Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5, if your PC does not have this installed installation process will download the necessary files needed during installation (Internet access required).